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The Revo Dapp offers an interoperable DeFi Dapp designed to host every viable DeFi use cases on one interactive on-chain network. This will allow its users to move from one DeFi use case to another without losing control of their funds to a third-party or switching applications. They are developing the world’s first mobile centric DeFi application with NFT marketplace.

As it’s known, the DeFi space has been quite bullish over the last two years. However, like it is with newly evolving innovations, there are many operational inefficiencies holding back its wide-scale growth and adoption. Some of which are- the lack of cross-network interoperability (which is the inability of various blockchains to interact seamlessly without a custodial link.) Another limitation is the lack of user-friendly Dapps- there are already great solutions on Dapps that are overwhelming for the first-time user. Even though the DeFi market cap has been on the offensive for two years now, there isn’t much applicational usage with the current DeFi Dapps. Also, the overall players of that part of the market are just a tiny minority of the entire crypto-market. Even beyond DeFi, the isolated nature of blockchain ecosystems and their poor UX representation, makes interoperation more difficult. So, here Revo Network comes up with a solution.

On 5th May, Revo Network have launched their web application on testnet. It looks like a true game changer in the blockchain industry. The Revo Network is designed to be a one-stop DeFi ecosystem for users to have a full permissionless and decentralized crypto market experience. Think of the Revo Dapp as the user’s mobile window to all of the limitless opportunities that the DeFi market presents. The Revo Network is an all-in-one decentralized application designed to house an exhaustive bouquet of easy-to-use decentralized payment applications and DeFi services. The Revo ecosystem’s central-piece features are-cross border, permissionless, trustless, and of course, decentralized user-experience. So users will be getting a complete DeFi & NFT marketplace experience, without losing sovereignty over their fund’s private keys.

With a reputated team, the Revo Network services aims to cut across the following categories:

  1. Multi-chain wallet
  2. Cross border crypto payment gateway
  3. Liquidity Mining and staking
  4. Revo Network DEX for instant token swaps
  5. The Revo NFT marketplace

Revo Network even incubates private sale for some of the top crypto startups. They recently incubated Blocktyme which is currently trading at 22x (at the time of writing this article) from the Revo Network private sale incubation price. They overall provides a great incentive to REVO token holders, this is one of the major reason why everyone feels like Revo’s price will be going up in upcoming days.

REVO is the utility token for the whole Revo Network’s ecosystem. It is currently trading on pancake swap.

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