SELF Disrupts the Web3 Landscape with Full Identity Technology

GlobeNewswireMarch 14, 20236 min

SELF, a new web3 startup, is gearing up to launch an innovative utility NFT project that is set to change the way people interact with cryptocurrencies. At the core of this exciting new venture is a unique @username feature that does away with long address strings and simplifies crypto transactions for users. Compared to its competitors,¬†SELF’s technology¬†can be integrated into any Defi or CEX wallets and includes features which could greatly enhance user experience of DEX platforms, which sets it apart from the rest.

SELF-identities are NFTs that use the ERC721 standard, allowing users to transfer their registered identities to other addresses under their control or sell them to third parties. This NFT solution will run on the Polygon (MATIC) network and include other non-EVM chain processing.

SELF has a vast potential for expansion, with numerous applications in many instances. On launch day, SELF will provide @username registration, a web wallet, a bridge and a staking platform, with additional features like a marketplace for resales, avatar addition, and AI applications to follow.

All transactions and products will be on-chain and decentralized. SELF will not be able to modify any data contained within an NFT, nor transfer it to another address making its tech fully decentralised. Once a user purchases a SELF identity and the NFT is minted, it becomes their exclusive property to hold, use, sell or transfer as they wish. The team behind SELF has designed this technology with user autonomy and security as their top priority.

The¬†community¬†has already been given a glimpse of SELF’s username registration platform and web wallet following the successful completion of the prototype. In March, Certik audited the SELF contract addresses, with only informational points highlighted, and no issues flagged. SELF, has also been¬†KYC verified¬†by Assure DeFi adding a layer of trust and accountability to the project.

Staking is a popular feature of the Defi industry, and SELF token holders will benefit from a decentralized staking platform where the APR will adjust based on the number of tokens in the staking pool. SELF has completed two presales with GemPad, raising a total of USD 379,500, with both selling out in less than eight hours, which shows the strong demand pre-launch.

The founding team members have a wealth of experience in multiple industries. Enrique Ferrater, the CEO, is a blockchain specialist who has worked with several well-known crypto projects. Levinus Bakker, the CTO, brings not only blockchain experience but also expertise in AI technology. Kimberley Bell, the COO, owns and runs businesses in the traditional regulated financial services sector, with similar field experience to Eric Scott, the Chief Public Relations Officer, who works for Oracle in the US. Adolfo Fernandez has extensive marketing experience and knowledge in operations and product sourcing. Alan Rogers, a former premier league footballer and a keen racehorse owner, will head up sports relations for SELF.

SELF’s unique @username feature and broad range of applications make it a welcome addition to the web3 startup scene, and investors are eagerly awaiting its launch. With the third and final presale scheduled for March, SELF is ready to take the crypto world by storm.

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