Embracing a Cashless Era: The Role of SoftPoS in Shaping the Future

Know how SoftPoS’s groundbreaking technology simplifies logistics, enhances economic efficiency, and propels us towards a cashless era.
Brad HyettDecember 27, 202312 min

As we progress through the dynamic payments landscape, SoftPoS stands out as a groundbreaking influence propelling us towards an era with significantly less reliance on cash. While achieving a completely cashless future remains an ambitious goal, the evident shift towards decreased dependence on physical currency is transforming global business operations.

With the ongoing evolution of advanced biometric authentication and dynamic currency choices – which guarantee enhanced security and personalised payment procedures – we’re heading towards a future where cash plays a smaller role.

Simplified Logistics through SoftPoS Adoption

SoftPoS technology is revolutionising payment acceptance by eliminating the logistical complexities associated with traditional hardware. As we envision a future without physical cash, the elimination of terminals stands out as a crucial advancement. With SoftPoS, merchants can effortlessly integrate digital payment capabilities into existing devices, turning smartphones and tablets into robust yet portable point-of-sale terminals. This not only streamlines the payment process but also elevates the overall customer experience.

Consider a small business owner who no longer needs to invest in expensive hardware. SoftPoS offers a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative, making advanced payment solutions accessible to a wider audience. This shift towards simplified logistics not only benefits merchants but also aligns with the broader objective of reducing our reliance on physical currency.

Economic Efficiency of Card Payments

SoftPoS sheds light on the concealed expenses linked to managing physical currency. While cash’s tangible nature might seem straightforward, the hidden costs associated with cash handling, security measures, and the risk of theft often go unnoticed. SoftPoS not only simplifies logistics but also presents a cost-effective alternative, positioning card payments as a strategic choice for businesses of various sizes.

Consider the significant savings that retailers experience when they no longer have to invest in cash handling processes, security personnel, and theft insurance. SoftPoS goes beyond mere operational streamlining; it actively contributes to a more efficient and secure payment ecosystem. This serves as a demonstration of how SoftPoS aligns with financial strategies, making card payments not only feasible but also distinctly advantageous.

Additionally, a study by European financial authorities reveals that the environmental footprint of an individual’s annual use of euro banknotes is equivalent to driving 8 km by car or 0.01% of their total carbon consumption. The primary factors contributing to the environmental footprint of euro banknotes as a means of payment are the energy consumption of automated teller machines (ATMs) and transportation, followed by processing by NCBs, paper manufacturing, and the authentication of banknotes in shops.

Is a Cashless World Feasible?

As we imagine the future of cashless payments, it is essential to recognise the ongoing fusion of online and in-store experiences across various industries. SoftPoS technology, also referred to as ‘Tap to Pay,’ is positioned to play a crucial role in this evolutionary process, aiming to offer consumers seamless interactions and a diverse range of choices. It equips merchants with the necessary tools to establish enduring and frictionless payment methods.

Anticipating the future, we expect the emergence and widespread acceptance of even more groundbreaking payment methods. Foreseeable advancements in biometric authentication and dynamic currency options are predicted, introducing additional layers of security and enhancing personalisation in the payment process.

While the vision of a completely cashless society remains aspirational, the momentum towards this goal is unmistakable. The journey may have nuances, and practical considerations may persist, but the direction is clear – SoftPoS is accelerating the shift to a cashless society, shaping the future of payments for businesses and consumers alike.

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Brad Hyett, CEO of phos

Brad Hyett is the CEO of phos, the leading software point of sale (SoftPoS) business which enables legacy technology providers and financial institutions to quickly bring ‘Tap to Pay’ solutions to market. As one of the first payment leaders to recognise the potential of SoftPos technology - which allows merchants to turn their smartphone or tablet into a contactless payment terminal - Brad established phos as the market leader in Europe and successfully closed its acquisition by Ingenico, the global leader in payment acceptance solutions in 2023.

Brad Hyett


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