BlockchainStablecorp Announces the Beta Launch of Yield as a Service Digital

YaaS has built a suite of technology that analyses, monitors and accesses multi-currency yield solutions across traditional and digital assets
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Stablecorp, a Canadian blockchain technology company, today announced the beta launch of Yield as a Service Digital, or YaaS, a suite of multi-currency yield generation and analytics technologies. YaaS offers unparalleled transparency and analysis into a wide variety of both traditional and digital yield generation sources while providing superior visibility into asset location and holding details; underwriting and risk analysis practices on various yield-generating platforms; and additional risk mitigation and optimization mechanisms for each.

The YaaS technology is intended to generate exceptional risk-adjusted yield within the full universe of yield verticals and to improve access to these yields via digital assets such as stablecoins. The YaaS technology does this in five key ways:

  1. Taking a “composable ecosystem” approach by opportunistically selecting the top traditional, centralized, decentralized, and combined finance yield generation tools
  2. Using a blend of traditional and digital asset-based empirical data to select, back test and assess credit and exploit risks as well as mitigants across these platforms
  3. Increasing stablecoin-based access to high-quality corporate and government yields
  4. Maintaining real-time transparency of positions and real-time risk mitigation strategies, including on-chain monitoring, collateralization, insurance and senior tranche structures
  5. Taking advantage of additional yield optimizing tools and platforms to increase efficiency and effectiveness of yield generation

“With the significant disruptions inherent in the digital asset markets over the past six months and the meaningful rise in traditional interest rates, it is beyond time for a comprehensive yield analytics framework in the space. With YaaS, Stablecorp’s fundamental goal is to find the best and brightest yield opportunities across the full spectrum, assess them using a blend of traditional and novel frameworks, and access them using US dollar and Canadian dollar-denominated digital assets,” said Alex McDougall, CEO of YaaS parent company Stablecorp. “This doesn’t just mean the arbitrage and trading type of yield that we’ve seen to date in the digital asset space, but also more efficient forms of access to traditional corporate and government credit.”

Maple Finance, Idle Finance, Unslashed, Morpho Labs, Cinch and Component Finance are some of the initial platforms used in the YaaS technology suite.

“Maple’s on-chain lending platform provides industry leading credit professionals with the tools to run institutional lending businesses. The combination of blockchain technology with the highest underwriting standards provides capital allocators with fully transparent, non-custodial, risk-adjusted yield options. We are excited to partner with YaaS and connect their technology to an expanding range of opportunities on Maple,” said Sidney Powell, CEO of Maple Finance.

“Morpho enhances yields of lenders on DeFi platforms strictly by optimizing the underlying technology while preserving the same risk parameters and the same liquidity. We’re thrilled to work with composable platforms like YaaS to deliver better risk adjusted DeFi value propositions to their technology,” said Paul Frambot, CEO of Morpho Labs.

“At Idle, we are on a mission to step up DeFi by reimagining how we manage risk and yields. Our Senior Perpetual Yield Tranches (PYTs) offer intrinsic capital protection, as they are covered by Junior PYTs from a wide spectrum of risks. DeFi is stuck in subpar risk management and with PYTs, YaaS can seamlessly turn on and off tranching solutions and manage risks in real-time on a broad variety of underlying platforms. We are extremely excited for this partnership,” said Matteo Pandolfi, CEO at Idle Labs.

“Decentralized insurance protocols are critical to mitigating tail-risk in the space and the Unslashed protocol has generated a significant track record of paying out claims through the recent turmoil. We’re excited to work with YaaS to continue to bring these real-time, structured mitigants to their technology solutions,” said a co-founder of Unslashed.

Beta Launch Details

  • YaaS is currently in a closed beta environment, and is conducting pilot tests with several select business partners
  • Full-release version of the YaaS technology is anticipated for Q1 2023
  • If interested in a demo or participating in the beta, please visit or contact us at

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