Top Banking Compliance Tools for 2023

Enhance compliance and streamline operations with the best banking compliance tools for 2023 explored in this article!
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Financial consequences for security breaches have become increasingly prevalent in contemporary times. As rightly reinstated by Liudas Kanapienis, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ondato in one of the featured interviews on FinTec BuzzThe financial industry is a constantly evolving landscape that presents new challenges that require attention to ensure compliance and security.” 

Businesses today recognize that the primary reason behind compliance violations stems from insufficient clarity regarding their compliance stance. Consequently, there is a pressing requirement to automate the process of ensuring business compliance.

This article endeavors to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of banking compliance tools and list the top ones available in the market to stay vigilant!

What are Banking Compliance Tools?

Banking compliance tools are software applications that help financial institutions meet regulatory requirements. They automate processes, monitor changes in laws, manage risks, track policies, provide training, generate reports, aid in AML and KYC, ensure data privacy, and support audits.

Top 5 Banking Compliance Software

  • Zycus 

Zycus Financial Compliance & Audit Control is a comprehensive tool for small firms seeking value for money. With over two decades of experience, Zycus helps minimize risks, increase savings, and enhance compliance through an intuitive dashboard. It integrates seamlessly with ERP systems and modules, providing centralized monitoring and control of purchase operations. Pros include risk identification, centralized monitoring, and integration with Microsoft Office and DocuSign. However, quick reference guides are lacking. Zycus simplifies legal and regulatory compliance with template libraries, clause libraries, and contract authoring features. It also facilitates version management and comparison during negotiations.

  • Vertex

Vertex is a tax compliance software provider ideal for preparing and filing tax returns. With over four decades of experience, Vertex automates compliance and reporting, minimizing audit risks and maximizing process efficiency. It offers solutions for worldwide indirect tax compliance, including sales tax and VAT. Pros include cost reduction, easy configuration by country, outsourcing options, and excellent support documentation. The software can streamline the audit process, reduce manual errors, and provide clear issue reporting for easy interpretation and follow-up. Improvement can be made in simplifying the process of writing tax assistance rules.

  • IBM RegTech

IBM RegTech is a leading solution for infusing intelligent workflows to combat fraud. RegTech utilizes AI and machine learning to enhance reporting, compliance, risk management, and regulatory governance for financial institutions. It digitizes manual processes and leverages cognitive computing to achieve unprecedented efficiencies. Pros include insights for evolving regulations, automated risk and compliance, prevention of financial crimes, and reducing false positives. However, it can be expensive for large businesses. IBM RegTech offers integrated solutions that connect internal GRC policies with the external regulatory environment, improving fraud detection, compliance with money laundering regulations, and insurance claims investigation programs.

  • Verint

Verint specializes in recording, storing, and monitoring regulated interactions, making it an ideal choice for compliance in Microsoft Teams. It automatically captures interactions such as voice, chats, video, and meetings, storing them securely in a searchable archive. The data can be easily monitored and analyzed through a user-friendly dashboard. Pros include reliable compliance recording, proactive issue resolution through dashboards, robust data governance, and interaction search, transcription, categorization, and analysis. However, it may not work with all unified communication and collaboration tools. Verint actively participates in the Teams Compliance Recording Certification initiative, integrating recording functions into your Teams environment to enhance compliance audits, investigations, and governance.

  • Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies is a leading software provider for the US public sector, specifically focused on local governments. Its Financial Regulatory Compliance (FRC) software is tailored for state financial regulators. The FRC handles various regulatory oversight tasks, from initial application and registration to examination and enforcement. It offers a comprehensive case management application that enables analysis of interrelated data and prompt action. Pros include the ability to regulate a wide range of financial entities, improved financial visibility, lifecycle management of enforcement activities, and streamline everyday tasks. However, the interface can be improved, and there may be a learning curve. The software simplifies day-to-day transactions and reporting, allows for customized interfaces and detailed agency-specific reports, and facilitates data sharing and analysis with standard interfaces to major systems. Tyler Technologies also provides advanced regulatory software programs for licensing and navigating complex regulatory enforcement across state and federal agencies.

Summing Up

The top banking compliance tools for 2023 offer comprehensive solutions to help financial institutions navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements. These tools automate compliance processes, monitor regulatory changes, manage risks, and streamline reporting and audit procedures. With features such as AML and KYC capabilities, policy management, training modules, and data privacy controls, compliance tools ensure that banks stay compliant and mitigate risks effectively. Whether it’s infusing intelligent workflows to combat fraud, automating tax compliance, recording and monitoring regulated interactions, or handling financial regulatory oversight, these tools empower banks to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and maintain a strong compliance foundation in an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

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