Volume, GNUS.ai Partner for AI Compute with Mobile GPUs, Paloma Blockchain

PRNewswireJune 5, 20246 min

Volume.finance¬†and¬†GNUS.ai¬†are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership to launch Paloma Blockchain bots, enabling developers and users to harness¬†GNUS.ai’s¬†decentralized¬† GPUs with automated payments and jobs. This collaboration aims to advance AI computing at scale, providing innovative solutions for developers and mobile phone owners.

Expanding AI Compute with Mobile GPUs

GNUS.ai, a pioneer in distributed AI infrastructure, leverages the power of mobile, PC, and IoT GPUs to create a vast network of¬†decentralized¬†physical infrastructure. By integrating¬†GNUS.ai’s SDK into applications, developers can effortlessly monetize their apps. The users’ devices contribute to AI processing, earning them¬†crypto¬†rewards. This innovative approach transforms all GPU-equipped devices into a global,¬†decentralized¬†AI compute network.

Automated Payments and Jobs with Paloma Blockchain

Volume, known for its decentralized AI bots and custom AI models, brings its expertise in blockchain technology to the table. With experience executing strategies for DeFi leaders Uniswap and Curve Finance across multiple blockchains, Paloma pushes to automate payments and jobs seamlessly, allowing users to perform AI tasks with minimal friction. This partnership ensures developers can access low-cost GPU computing without worrying about token conversions or cross-chain complexities.

“If you have¬†decentralized¬†resources and physical infrastructure, such as GNUS.ai, you don’t want to make developers worry about cross-chain payments. It’s painful to complete tasks such as token execution, swap, slippage, and price impact analysis just to get your GPU-compute resources on demand.¬†Decentralized¬†GPU compute access should just work with one simple payment.”¬†Taariq Lewis, Volume Founder & CEO.

Benefits for Mobile Phone Owners

Mobile phone and IoT device owners stand to benefit significantly from this collaboration. By participating in the¬†GNUS.ai¬†network, they can earn¬†crypto¬†rewards simply by using their devices. Whether playing games, watching videos, or using other apps, their devices’ GPU capabilities will be put to productive use, mining tokens and contributing to AI processing.

“The trifecta of a vendor that has integrated this SDK now can be earning¬†crypto¬†with their app, having a bit of its processing time shaved off to contribute to the user of a device that has opened that application.”¬†Brent Arias, GNUS.AI Co-founder & CTO.

Advancing AI and Blockchain Integration

The partnership between¬†GNUS.ai¬†and Volume represents a significant step forward in integrating AI and blockchain technologies. With a focus on horizontal scaling,¬†GNUS.ai’s network can handle a wide range of AI tasks, from high-speed video inference to retraining smaller models.¬† The Paloma Validator set will ensure that these tasks are executed efficiently, with automated bots handling the complexities of¬†cryptocurrency¬†payments and job execution.

Join the Revolution

Developers and users alike are invited to explore the possibilities of this innovative partnership. By visiting GNUS.ai and integrating their SDK, developers can start leveraging the power of a genuinely decentralized GPU network. With Paloma Blockchain, they can automate payments and jobs, making the process seamless and efficient.

For more information, visit GNUS.ai and Volume to join the revolution in AI computing and blockchain rewards.

GNUS.ai and Volume are set to transform the landscape of AI and blockchain, creating new opportunities for innovation and growth in the digital era.

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