Guest ArticlesWomen More Successful on Stock Exchange – Higher Returns With 56% Fewer Trades

Raphael Lulay Raphael LulayJuly 21, 20208 min

Women achieve on average higher returns on the stock market than men. For example, female investors generated profits of 24.1% last year, compared to the 23.5% yielded by male investors, as can be seen in a new infographic from There is also apparently a large difference in the volume traded.

Women More Successful on Stock Exchange - Higher Returns With 56% Fewer Trades 1

While women perform an average of 7.6 stock transactions per year, the figure for men is 17.7, according to data from a ” Consorbank ” survey. Men nonetheless achieve lower returns. This phenomenon is not only evident in Germany – women also achieve higher profits in the United States of America.

Overall, men are more inclined to invest in individual shares, while women are more inclined to invest in funds and ETFs . The proportion of shares held in the overall portfolio is 53.47% for female investors, compared to 60% for male investors.

Women Are More Cautious When Investing Money

According to the results of a study by Berkeley University, there are 4 factors in particular that account for women’s success when it comes to investing. Firstly, men tend to overestimate themselves and take on higher risks. Secondly, they tend to hold a larger number of individual shares, increasing their vulnerability to stock portfolio volatility. In addition, men are less inclined to listen to the advice of experts and are less reliant on quality media.

As the infographics also indicate, women are more purposeful in their investments. For example, 57% of the female investors surveyed stated that they were working towards a concrete goal. By contrast, this proportion is only 43% among male investors.

Crypto-currencies – A Man’s Business

The gender gap is particularly wide in the case of digital currencies. According to data from ” “, the Bitcoin community is overwhelmingly male, with the proportion of women only 12.28%.

Overall, women are increasingly focused on broad diversification for their capital. As the infographics illustrate, this strategy seems to be successful.
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