EquiDeFi partnered with ATEM Group to implement KYCT System

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EquiDeFi, a trailblazing private investing platform, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with ATEM Group, a provider of cutting-edge technology solutions. This partnership aims to implement a groundbreaking Know Your Customer Token (KYCT) system on EquiDeFi’s platform, leveraging ATEM Group’s expertise in web3-centric technologies, including blockchain and tokenization.

EquiDeFi’s innovative data management, investment, and funding platform has already proven its worth with a successful initial launch in 2022. Now, the company seeks to enhance its offerings further through the implementation of web3-centric technologies to unlock new opportunities and revolutionize the future of private investing.

EquiDeFi’s mission is to democratize and decentralize private placements, making them accessible to a wider range of investors beyond traditional institutions and insiders. The platform streamlines private offering processes for issuers, while reducing barriers for accredited investors through an investor dashboard that securely manages investment records. Furthermore, EquiDeFi offers education tools for investors and connects them to various services, making private placements more accessible and straightforward.

ATEM Group’s dedication to developing and implementing advanced technologies, particularly distributed ledger/blockchain (web3), aligns perfectly with EquiDeFi’s vision. By leveraging ATEM Group’s strategic expertise and relationships in the web3 ecosystem, EquiDeFi aims to execute its KYCT project and explore ancillary opportunities more effectively.

EquiDeFi’s recently published KYCT Litepaper (www.kyct.io) highlights current challenges faced by issuers and investors due to cumbersome, paper-based or digital signature workflows that lack uniformity and create compliance challenges. EquiDeFi, together with its SEC-registered and affiliated stock transfer agent, Equity Stock Transfer, seeks to address these issues and expand investor access to private placements while establishing best practices for KYC, AML, and securities workflows in the digital age.

“We are thrilled to partner with ATEM Group to revolutionize private investing by enhancing the KYC process, expanding investor access, and creating best practices for the digital era of private placements,” said Marc Goldbaum, Director of Web3 Innovation at EquiDeFi. “Their proficiency in web3 technologies and their commitment to innovation made them an ideal collaborator for our ambitious KYCT implementation.”

The collaboration between EquiDeFi and ATEM Group will involve turnkey product development for the KYCT process. KYCT will feature a user hash-based account system correlated to issued wallets, a cloud-based NFT-based smart contract engine for KYCT, and various smart contract architectures.

“We are excited to contribute our expertise to EquiDeFi’s vision,” stated Camden Weis, Founder & Managing Partner at ATEM Group. “By utilizing web3 technologies such as tokenization, we can enhance the efficiency and transparency of the entire process, elevating private investing to new heights.”

Once an investor successfully passes regulatory and background checks, they’ll receive the proprietary blockchain-powered KYCT, confirming their eligibility to participate in private placements from various issuers. The KYCT will then accompany the investor throughout their interactions on EquiDeFi, allowing private placement issuers to reach a curated list of prequalified KYCT holders with new offerings tailored to their interests.

The strategic collaboration is expected to progress through various phases, with ATEM Group providing ongoing advisory, maintenance, and support to position EquiDeFi for long-term success. The two companies envision further technological improvements and development to enhance EquiDeFi’s product offering with future-proof technologies.

“KYC is a vital process in today’s financial landscape, and we are thrilled to integrate it into EquiDeFi’s workflow,” stated Virginia Dadey, Founding Partner at ATEM Group.” Implementing KYC as a standard practice in EquiDeFi’s onboarding workflow ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, protects businesses from financial crimes, and upholds the integrity of the financial system.”

“We look forward to bringing this much-needed technology to the market,” said Mohit Bhansali, CEO at EquiDeFi. “We’re confident that the KYCT implementation will revolutionize private placement offerings and unlock new opportunities for all stakeholders in the private finance ecosystem.”

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