BlockchainIdeanomics Reveals Mobile Energy Group Activities; Provides General Market Update

Mobile Energy Group reveals diversified operations and revenue streams, Ideanomics activities unaffected by ongoing US / China tariffs, Chairman Wu acquires additional 1.7MM in shares at $3.00 per share
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Ideanomics Inc. (Nasdaq: IDEX) has today released details of it’s Mobile Energy Group (MEG) operations, including details of MEG’s 4 key business units as revenue drivers. The company has been very active in the new energy vehicle market through a mixture of acquisition, JV, and partnership activities with leading EV, Fuel Cell, Charging Network, Electrical Grid, Fleet Management, Lease Financing, and ABS providers to develop participation in the full value chain. fintech news

The group’s 4 key business units are Energy Supply, which brings together leading electrical energy providers and technology for grid-based and on-site energy production; Battery Operations with leading fuel cell partners and fast-charging capabilities; Sales and Financing with leading financial partners and manufacturer alliance for group-buying and competitive financing solutions; and the IoV (Internet of Vehicles) business unit which combines real-time data services to assist with all aspects of fleet management from sales and financial services through to dealer management, built on a blockchain-based, data-driven, platform.

Additionally, the MEG group is positioning a concept for commercial vehicle and fleet markets based on fractional ownership of commercial vehicles, such as trucks, to democratize the ownership of profitable fleet activities and help manufacturers, distributors, and last-mile delivery providers achieve a more efficient ownership model.

“Now that we are underway with the new energy vehicle sales and financing activities, we felt it was the right time to share our MEV activities in detail for the first time. The value chain you see in our model has been carefully constructed over the past 24 months, as we became aware of the opportunity to help the new energy vehicle industry come together in an innovative and cohesive manner that benefits participants at every level, whether parts suppliers and manufacturers, energy providers, or fleet managers,” said Alf Poor, CEO of Ideanomics. “We’re focused on delivering value to each of our partners, and the broader industry in general, and we’re excited to see our MEG division take shape and emerge with a strong thought leadership role in the future of the automotive industry. This model is a blueprint for efficiency, which we believe will serve the entire value chain and help new energy vehicles accelerate the pace of change in the automotive industry such that we reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. We’re thrilled to share this with our partners and the broader investment community at this time.”

Ideanomics would also like to remind its partners and shareholders that it is not materially impacted by geopolitical activities, such as the recent announcements of reciprocal tariffs in relation to trade between the United States and China. The conversion of diesel and petroleum energy buses into EV and Hydrogen-powered buses underway in Chinais a government-mandated initiative which is focused on the reduction of carbon emissions and pollution within a 2022 timeline and is not subject to disruption by political or economic factors, such as trade talks or potential market downturns. The company does not anticipate any delays in its activities due to the broader geopolitical climate.

To that end, Ideanomics’ Chairman, Dr. Bruno Wu, recently completed a private purchase of 1.7 Million shares at a price of $3.00 per share, which represents a premium to the current share price. Dr. Wu became aware of another investor requiring liquidity from their shareholding in Ideanomics and negotiated to purchase those shares directly at a price which both sides agreed better represented the value of the shares. The total value of the transaction was $5.1 Million dollars and was reported in the company’s recent 10-q filing for Q2.

FTB News Desk

FTB News Desk

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