Seedify Incubates and Launches ChainGPT

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Seedify, a leading launchpad and incubator in the crypto industry, has announced the launch of ChainGPT, an AI model designed to provide solutions and use cases related to crypto and blockchain technology.

Seedify has launched over 50 Initial Gaming Offerings (IGOs) and entered the NFT space with an NFT launchpad and marketplace. Early last year, Seedify announced the launch of its incubation program, which takes its initial launchpad offerings one step further, assisting projects even more through sharing best practices around development, funding, tokenomics design, and access to Seedify’s extensive KOLs network and marketing partners.

With the community’s strong support for the decision to expand into AI projects, Seedify has been actively seeking out AI projects to work with. ChainGPT’s Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is the first step in its mission to gradually dominate the launchpad space again.

ChainGPT offers services such as blockchain analytics, AI trading, smart-contract development, AI auditing, risk management, and more. The AI model was specifically developed to assist with various crypto and blockchain requirements. Its capabilities include coding contracts, explaining concepts, answering questions, and analyzing markets.

Its unique selling points include an AI chatbot and code assistant for smart-contract developers, using advanced computing capabilities to solve solidity and smart-contract language issues.

ChainGPT is an advanced language model that uses machine learning and transformer networks to produce natural language text. It has been and is continuously being trained on a large dataset of text related to crypto and blockchain technology, enabling it to understand and answer questions about the topic. In addition, the model utilizes sophisticated techniques such as attention mechanisms and contextual awareness to analyze and prioritize the significance of various input elements, resulting in more relevant and precise responses to user queries.

It can provide the latest updates and breaking news on the crypto and blockchain industry, along with predictions of crypto prices. Additionally, it can provide valuable assistance with programming and development tasks related to crypto and blockchain technology.

Below are a few prompt ideas for ChainGPT:

– Write a smart contract for a token called Shib.

– How to run a bitcoin wallet locally?

– How to deploy a smart contract on Ethereum?

Top solutions include providing reliable news and information, smart-contract generation, code-to-English translation, smart-contract auditing, SDK and API for businesses, advanced AI trading, blockchain analytics, and chart and technical analysis.

To access ChainGPT’s tools and products, users are required to hold the $CGPT token, which will play a key role in the entire ecosystem and is the medium of exchange users and businesses must use to access the AI model, ChainGPT, API, and DAO voting.

There are a variety of staking & farming options for token holders. Staking is mainly used to access the AI model, and farming is used to earn rewards in $CGPT while supporting the stability and security of the network.

The ChainGPT team is a group of highly experienced professionals with diverse coding, compliance, business, design, marketing, management, and legal backgrounds.

Their expertise covers various technology areas, including cloud & mobile, IoT, blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, cybersecurity, and product development. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table, making them a powerful entity that cannot be ignored in the technology industry.

For additional information on ChainGBT, please refer to their website.

AI-Initial Dex Offering (IDO) Information:

The AI-IDO will take place on Seedify’s platform on 07 April 2023.

  • Name: (Name and ticker of the token): $CGPT
  • Token Type: (network BSC, Polygon, etc): BNB Chain
  • Total Supply: 1B
  • Initial Mcap (Excl. liquidity): $194k
  • IDO Price: $0.008
  • Listing Price: $0.008
  • Allocation: 400K BUSD
  • Vesting Period: 15% at the listing, 2 months cliff, linear for 08 months
  • Market Makers: KaironLabs

How to participate in the IDO:

The launch of the $CGPT token sale with Seedify will take place on 07 April 2023.


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