Asset ManagementMerchant eSolutions, Inc. Rebrands To MerchantE

New Co Expands on Legacy Products to Offer Broad Suite of Financial Tools for Growing Businesses
BusinessWire BusinessWireJune 12, 20205 min

Merchant eSolutions, Inc. a leading end-to-end digital commerce platform, today announces the company’s rebrand to MerchantE. The new name, logo and website reflect its increased focus on providing growing businesses with more innovative choices, further transparency and expanded fintech offerings to better manage their money.

MerchantE’s progressive product and service offerings will bring an enterprise level of functionality and capabilities to small and mid-size companies, allowing them to be more competitive in today’s business environment. These new tools will also provide MerchantE partners more opportunities to grow with a new revenue stream for both new and existing clients.Fintech News

“Businesses have changed dramatically since Merchant eSolutions, Inc. launched in 1998. As payment options and technology have evolved, companies have become accustomed to fragmented solutions for each channel,” says Mike Rouse, CEO of MerchantE. “MerchantE was created to provide growing businesses with a single solution to manage their money – as it comes in, goes out and everything in between.”

With its new Money InTM, Money OutTM and Money MaxTM Services, MerchantE aims to be the exclusive partner to assist growing businesses manage their money. Its robust suite of products are specifically designed around how money comes into the business, how it goes out and the necessary analytics to maximize smart financial decisions. MerchantE’s new products and services include:

  • Pre-Imbursements: Enables you to pre-authorize payouts to your workers’ own card or account, based on the rules you define, and it auto-reconciles once the purchase is made
  • EmployeePlus Payouts: Gives you a competitive edge with the ability to pay wages, tips, and rewards in real time using workers’ existing cards or bank accounts
  • Same Day Funding: Provides true same-day funding and access to your money in near real-time
  • Easy Online Selling: A powerful e-commerce website builder and shopping cart that empowers companies to design a beautiful website in minutes
  • Hosted Payments: Helps customers feel more secure when paying for goods or services with a branded payment form on their website
  • Electronic Invoices (Coming Soon): The MerchantE Invoice tool streamlines the payment process to get paid faster
  • PreFunding (Coming Soon): When you have an unexpected expense, need extra inventory for a big event, or just need funds to cover payroll

MerchantE has also created an engaging new website that provides customers with a tremendous resource to explore our new tools, educational information and insights to better manage their money and ultimately take control of their finances.



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